Daniel Norman is a Computer Science student at UCLA. He enjoys designing, creating, and publishing programming projects for practice and enjoyment.

iOS Applications

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Haplotype Assembly

Visit the wiki page to learn more about this project.

iTunes Duplicate Destroyer

This C# tool written to interact with Apple's iTunes COM SDK for Windows searches through the user's active iTunes library in an attempt to find duplicate songs. Multiple settings are available, such as only matching songs within the same album, and deleting the files along with removing the songs from the iTunes library.

A* Pathfinding in Java

This application was created as a means of learning how to implement Dijkstra's graph search algorithm. It features an easy to navigate view that allows the user to draw walls and move the start and finish locations, along with interfaces for changing settings such as the heuristic weight and the type of allowed movement.

Image to ASCII Converter

When supplied with a path to either a local or remote image, this Python script will convert the image into a black-and-white representation in text. The script chooses a character with a similar brightness to a sample block of pixels, and uses it to represent those pixels in the final result.

Cloth Simulator using Verlet Integration

This application simulates a realistic hanging cloth, and uses Verlet integration techniques to calculate movement. It supports interacting with the cloth through dragging and cutting, viewing the cloth as either filled-in or as connected dots, changing colors to show stress, and variable settings.